Manila FAME Findings


Happy monday to everyone! I’ve had so much jet lag in the last few days and I’ve hibernated like a bear, so I apologize if I couldn’t update the blog over the weekend. However, I rested a bit and had a good time with the family 😉

So what’s been going on? To start with, I went to Manila FAME and got a good look at what the best design talent in the Philippines and their companies had produced, from furniture to fashion accessories. I was given the honor and unique opportunity to be one of the judges for the Fashion Accessories Division contest on the first day of the show, but was unable to attend as I was still out of town at the time. 🙁

Fortunately, there were a few more days of exhibition and I was able to see what our local artisans have come up with. Here are some highlights:

In the furniture room, I gravitated towards the work of Kenneth Cobonpue. If you don’t already know, Kenneth rose to international fame after Brad Pitt highlighted his work and bought his Voyage bed. Cobonpue is now one of Hollywood’s favorite furniture designers.


I loved his Bloom’s chair when I first saw it. It came in chartreuse, red and yellow in the past and now it comes in blue as well.

And in the fashion accessories room, I easily highlighted Ann Ong’s beautiful work:

IMG_20130315_183511 (1)

She is a precious little bag of ostrich eggs 🙂

And this is redefining the meaning of “statement necklace”!


I also found Neil Felipp’s minaudiere dragon in Black shell, as well as his skull rings quite striking.IMG_20130315_182347There were many more things to look at, but he had very little time to walk because he was late. However, for those of you who couldn’t make it, there will be another showing in October, so don’t worry!

For more information, visit the Manila FAME website. Definitely worth a visit or two!

I’m running now for a work meeting which is pretty exciting and I promise to keep you posted once everything is greenlit 🙂 🙂


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