Bag Review: Elie Saab Pairs a Backpack With a Haute Couture Dress


I would shudder when I see a beautifully dressed woman in a dress carrying a thick bag. I would normally recommend a clutch, flat clutch or minaudiere for formal occasions. I never really thought large leather bags would work with couture.

Until the current presentation of the Elie Saab Haute Couture collection, which showed models in exquisite dresses and Backpacks.


However, keep in mind that these are not ordinary backpacks, so this does not necessarily mean that she can combine her favorite leather backpack with a dress just because they are the same color. Not so. Elie Saab has carefully designed the elegant backpack so that it goes well with her dresses. And it really worked great too. The backpack looks clean and elegant and has nice smooth rounded edges to give it a very feminine look.

I never thought I would find it acceptable to wear a backpack with a dress, but the Saab backpack is a game changer. I love the total look here and I can’t stop looking at it because it looks so cohesive, like the backpack really belongs together with the dress. Wow!

Well Done Elie Saab!


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