Bag Review: Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Mono Backpack


And then, there were 2! Just 2 seasons ago, Louis Vuitton introduced the mini version of its Monogram backpack, tweaking the design and swapping out the vachetta trim for Black leather. Personally, I thought the bag was sooooo cute and pretty easy to carry, and the only thing that made me think twice was its price. For such a small bag, the price would have been equivalent to 2 monogrammed Speedy bags.

A handful of people I know bought the medium version of the Palm Springs backpack. But the medium backpack didn’t differ much depending on the Gucci version. I preferred this mini size because of the versatility of the strap.

This coming fall, there is another version of the mini mono backpack: the brown tones of the Monogram canvas have been reversed. Peeps, how do you find it? Would you have preferred it to the original?


Ok, so I stared at the bag for a moment. And I thought the color looked like something that would have come out of this guy…

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LOL sorry Louis Vuitton! But I would really rather take the mini mono original monogram canvas with me any day! Your thoughts? 🙂


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